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Carpe Diem – Canon 7D

I found this little gem, and I  just had to share it.  I’m most impressed with the enthusiasm and expertise of the producer — he got his 7D and ran out shot this video that night.

Avant-Garde short film!

I shot this the first night I purchased my Canon 7D. The idea was to push the ISO to the extreme. Testing very low light settings, the…

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Zacuto Does It Again…With The DSLR Z-Cage

Zacuto never ceases to amaze me with their new and innovative products, and the Z-Cage is no exception. This expandable, ergonomic and customizable stabilization system is the perfect, light weight system for the HDSLR. The big punch here is the base plate.  You adjust the height of the plate with the twist of a knob to accommodate all cameras even the 1D Mark IV or if you use a battery grip – nice!   Really, really nice –  the baseplate also has a quick release for your camera. This is huge if you want to shed the cage quickly and easily without hassling with a ¼ 20 connection. The cost, $827, and if you’ve owned Zacuto before, you know it’s worth every penny. Zacuto is now taking orders, and they estimate delivery in two or three weeks. You can find out more information at

The Zacuto DSLR Z-Cage allows you to have a small, stable, and portable mounting solution for your DSLR and all of the accessories used with it. The Z-Cage allows you to gain a better form factor for holding the camera in your hands, thus giving you more stability when shooting and lots of options and space for all of your additional accessories such as an HD monitor, audio recorder and so forth. The Z-Cage uses our DSLR baseplate and our DSLR handles which are very durable and form fitting to your hands.

The DSLR baseplate is fully adjustable and expandable. You can adjust the height of the plate for compatibility with all DSLR cameras with and without battery grips simply by using the Allen screws on the front of the baseplate. The DSLR baseplate is also the platform for building your kit into a shoulder mounted rig. The plate also has multiple 1/2″ 13 threads on the sides so you can expand the cage into a shoulder mounted rig if you ever choose to change or create your own system.A huge advantage we have over competitors is that your camera can be quickly released from the rig by turning the red knob on the side of the DSLR baseplate then pulling up on your camera. The camera quick release plate stays mounted to your camera so you can quickly switch between using the camera as part of the cage or on its own. Your tripod plate mounts to the bottom of the plate by using the standard tripod screws, (2) ¼ 20” and (1) 3/8 16”. The 3.5″ rods on the front of the baseplate are perfect for mounting a follow focus or matte box. If you are using longer lenses, rod extensions might be needed.For mounting a small hd monitor as pictured, a monitor mount is needed.


Letus Announces New HDSLR Gear!

Got an email today from Letus introducing their line of gear for HDSLRs.  Without having seen these devices, I have to say I’m impressed.  I’m impressed with the restraint it must have taken to hold the individual configurations from the market place until they were all completed.  I’m also impressed with the build quality, if they are everything they appear to be, these should be some fine pieces of equipment.

The Letus Talon Series consists of 5 variations of rail system/viewfinder.  The “Talon K5”  (pictured) uses the extended base and Talon riser. This allows you to have a “step” in the telescoping support rods and includes a 90mm long stainless steel front rod extension. This is great for easily repositioning a follow focus or matte box when changing out lenses. The riser gives you more vertical clearance then you would have with a straight telescoping rod.  Cost:  $1384

The “Hawk” viewfinder is a radical new design and doesn’t resemble anything on the market.  According to Letus, “we were not satisfied with viewfinders on the market so using our knowledge of optics, we decided to build our own.”   Unlike others on the market, the Hawkeye uses totally custom optics designed and manufactured by Letus using 3 lenses in 2 groups rather than a single, off-the-shelf diopter.   Cost:  $385.

They even have a cage!   The Letus Talon DSLR cage has a releasable camera plate along with a sliding / removable top bridge. The camera plate can be attached from the bottom or the front of the cage for easy camera removal when transporting. The top bridge can slide on standard 15mm diameter rods.   Price:  $699.

You can find all of these items and their entire line of HDSLR gear at


CS5 ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok — pardon my enthusiasm, but I just have to say, CS5 ROCKS!!!!!!!!! I can’t tell you how gratefull I am for a this program — it’s like buttah! Smooth as glass — I can scrub footage again — but now right out of my 7D!!!!! I haven’t seen smooth scrubbing like this since the days of DV. The program loads smooth…, no glitches. OMG — it’s the sh**!!! Do yourself a favor, if you have a HDSLR, you MUST get CS5!!!! Until you do you’ll be living half a life.


Canon 7D

A glimpse of what we’ve been working on over the last few weeks.  A glimpse of what we’ve been working on over the last few weeks.

The documentary is about the current global financial crisis and how it’s effecting American people, loss of homes, jobs, businesses & pensions. Whilst in the States we spoke to many people, economists and everyday Americans alike and there’s alot of disillusionment with the current economic instability and fears that the worst is yet to come. We also look at what’s happening in the world… how the globalized world is so connected that one countries bankruptcy effects all. It’s pretty political but the main thing is, people are beginning to demand change for a system that looks after the majority instead of an elite few.

Would love to hear your thoughts.   Written & Directed by Richard Houston Becka Mezzatesta.  Producers Becka Mezzateta Dragana Kalezic.   Shot & Edited By Harry Charnock.  Music is After the Storm by Mumford & Sons.

Kit used Canon 7d on Redrock rig + Z-finder 70-200mm 2.8 IS 16-35mm 2.8 50mm 1.4 35mm.f2

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What’s in a name anyway..?

Per Jared at Cinema 5D, shooting video with a DSLR now has a formal name.  Ready..?   It’s not HD-DSLR, it’s not Video DSLR, it’s HDSLR.  Thanks for formalizing it for us Jared.  Your assertion has given HDSLR Shooter the legitimacy it deserves!  Here’s what Jared had to say:

“This has been driving me crazy for quite some time. I post as often as I can on the news section her at Cinema5D. I have tried to go with the flow on the name of the still cameras that shoot video. I think we started with Video DSLR, than HD DSLR and now we have started using HDSLR. I think it’s about time we settled on this damn thing once and for all. I think HDSLR is just fine. It seems to have grown organically with the cameras that were once called “Hybrids”. Not a very nice name. Video DSLR’s are too video sounding. That went away pretty fast. Then we got all serious about it and called them HD DSLR’s but that does not really sound cool. HDSLR’s is pretty cool. It is fairly correct. High Definition Single Lens Reflex camera is what it is, after all. I hope that still works when it shoots 4K. Or will it be called HDVHS?”

You can find all Jared’s post and the posts that followed on Cinema 5D at


Beauty Reel 2010

Beauty Reel 2010Directed by Julien Mokrani & Samuel BodinContact :

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